Goretex develops waterproof and breathable elastic
W.L. Gore & Associates has new GORE-TEX 3D fit footwear technology. Partnering with Adidas on it’s TERREX line, Under Armour w/ next years HOVR and Salomon it’ll first hit stores in early 2019. They’ll also have a booth in Germany for the European Outdoor show and OR in Denver. They’re pitching it as an insert that makes knit and mesh shoes more all season.

Fred Segal hits Malibu
Trendy Southern California boutique Fred Segal is opening in Malibu in early 2019. This 4,000 sq ft location is being pitched as their future with something more light and curated. Included is an “exclusive sneaker shop”.


Online retail subject to sales tax
With a narrow 5-4 decision the U.S. Supreme Court ruled any online retail is subject to the state sales tax of the consumers location. Previously it was mandated there was some physical presence by the retailer for it to be subject to tax.

Phone app promises sandal with customized fit
Wiiivv with a web browser to order with as well as iTunes and Google Play apps aims to provide a custom fit flip-flop for $129. Requiring 4 photos of your foot, it’s enough for them to digitally map your foot with over 200 points to catch the arch, length, width, volume and toe spacing. They started with 3D printed custom-fit insoles.



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